About Us

The Cannaregio Group, LLC and its subsidiaries (“TCG”) are a private investment and advisory firm committed to delivering value and growth to our Investors, Clients and Associates. We bridge the gap between goals and opportunities, providing tailored solutions and a dedicated approach to investing in Private Equity, Private Credit, Venture Capital and Real Estate.


Our investment philosophy is “Create,” by creating alternatives and opportunities for the development of businesses and the communities that support them. We invest in business models and believe in their entrepreneurs, as they are the engines that perpetuate innovation and growth.


In today’s globalized and transforming world, as financial markets and cyberspace know no boundaries, the risks and rewards of a more integrated global economy are enormous. But harnessing these opportunities and providing for the care of risks, require a more fundamental understanding the economic dynamics of those relationships in the global economy, which we seek and research constantly the Risk-and-Reward profile for investment, thereupon monitoring decision making to optimize performance.


Our priority is to serve the diverse needs of our investors and clients. We believe in the “One Firm” approach and that working together for a common goal delivers the best results for all. We are committed to the success of every relationship we have the privilege to work with, in all aspects of their financial plans, pursuits and economic well-being.


Furthermore, TCG is committed to financial discipline, transparency and prudence in building long-term relationships, having a clear understanding that trust is something earned one day at a time, as upheld by our pillars of guiding principles of Integrity, Professionalism, Accountability, Excellence & Team Work.

Our Guiding Principles


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